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Partner up your Development with Snagsure

Snagsure now offers key-stage inspections to new-build developers across the UK and is a proud panel member of the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board).

By incorporating Snagsure’s inspections into your programme, we will assist with quality control and ensure the snagging is managed and completed prior to handover. The benefit of this service is to eliminate aftercare costs suffered by developers and improve the reputation of the business by delivering faultless homes at handover.

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Due to the rollout of NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) and the New Home Ombudsman, developers will see a large increase in claims that will financially impact the business and your reputation is likely to suffer more than ever.

We have worked hard to build a fantastic reputation that brings quality and reassurance to people that are purchasing new homes. We believe working in collaboration with you the developer, we can utilise our reputation to your benefit by providing reassurance to the customer that we are managing quality control across your sites.

We currently provide:
  • Key-stage inspection 1 – Pre-paint
  • Key-stage inspection 2 – CML
  • Key-stage inspection 3 – Pre-handover

This is not fixed and can be tailored to suit your needs

What you will receive from us:
  • Qualified RPSA, ICWCI registered surveyor
  • Qualified Fire door assessor
  • Qualified Thermographer
  • Qualified Drone pilot

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