What is snagging and why is it so important?

Buying a new build home should be a time of excitement and anticipation. During the process of purchasing a new-build property, the last thing you’ll be thinking about when walking around the beautiful showroom are the issues that may arise once its completed.

We call this the ‘Rose tinted glasses effect’ and who can blame you. The show homes of new-build property’s seem nothing short of perfection and you cant help but see yourself living the perfect life in your dream home.

What is Snagging?

Snagging is a careful, detailed new build inspection used to identify defects caused during the development.

A snagging inspection will…
Identify snags which falls below good standards of workmanship. Identify anything which hasn’t been completed to specification and most importantly identify regulation breaches.

Who Needs a Snagging Report?

Anyone purchasing a brand new home should consider a snagging survey inspection.

You could argue that if you’re spending anything from £150,000 to £1 million on an investment, it would be crazy not to have it looked at by a professional.

If you have already moved in and are having snagging issues, a professional snagging report will arm you with the clear and concise evidence you need to ensure your developer understands all remaining issues within your property. Snagsure’s inspection reports are highly detailed but are incredibly easy to follow, each issue has an image of the snag with a clear description of the defect. With the report delivered in this way it provides you with confidence that you can understand each issue and tick off once the developer has completed each task.

Is Snagging Really Necessary?

New housing developments are being constructed at record levels and housing developers are under pressure to complete every house quickly to meet crushing demand. There is a real shortage of skilled tradesmen and construction managers in the UK and with the pressure to complete these homes it’s difficult to manage the quality of workmanship.

Many experts will say that snagging is more important now than ever before.

When should I have my snagging inspection done?

Ideally, we will enter your property within 24 hrs – 7 days of completion. From that point, it varies from the first few weeks to inspecting homes that are due to come out of their 2 year warranty period.

Your developer will ask you to prepare a snagging list detailing anything you’re not happy with, the best thing to do in this situation is hand in Snagsure’s comprehensive inspection report.

Is a snagging report the same as a survey?

Not at all, surveys and valuations are done for the benefit of the mortgage lender and not the benefit of the home buyer. Snagging surveys cover lots of things that surveyors don’t.

For example, a surveyor won’t inform you if there’s no cavity wall insulation installed or if your fire doors are compliant. Its a survey to protect the bank, a snagging company are there to protect and stand up for you.

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