What to expect on the day of your snag inspection

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The day has come to have your snagging survey – excited? nervous? All common feelings prior to an inspection.

People have snag inspections for different reasons, many want the reassurance that their investment has been constructed to the correct standards whilst others have had concerns about the quality of workmanship throughout the development process.

When we arrive..

We will arrive at your property at 8am to conduct your snag inspection. 

Our snagging inspector will…

We will inform you of our arrival and have a brief discussion regarding your property before we get started. This could be a good time to voice any concerns you have as we could offer some reassurance this will be looked at in detail for you.

Do I need to do anything?

We get asked this question a lot. It would be beneficial to have the keys available or even placed inside the locks ready for our inspection. In regards to inside your home, we understand that lots of customers have just moved in and can have boxes up to the ceiling at times. Please do not worry about this, we can work with you and around the items within your home. We inspect homes that are fully furnished and lived in, this is something we are used to dealing with so please do not worry.

Where will you start?

Externals – Due to the unpredictable British weather, we will always start outside if the weather is dry. We will inspect the external elevations, gardens and garages on your property in great depth. We will be looking for not only technical details that may be incorrect but also that the workmanship is to the correct standard.

Internals – Upon entering the property we will work through it in a typical fashion, typically starting in the entrance hallway working through the property up through the upper floors. Once upstairs we will work from the master bedroom down in room size, this really makes the report flow when viewing.

What will you look for during the inspection?

In brief, we will focus on the key points below:

  • Drone inspection of your roof and guttering

  • Fire stopping and compartmentation review

  • Central heating system check using a thermal imaging camera

  • Borescope camera check on cavity wall

  • Brickwork quality standard check

  • Joinery quality standard check

  • Plastering and decoration quality standard check

  • Garage and groundwork check

  • Loft/ roof installation inspection

  • Fixtures & fittings inspection

  • Electrical test to circuits

  • Plumbing inspection for leaks

  • Level floor & square walls inspection

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